From The Inbox….

From The Inbox….

Soulmate by Moss Da Beast

by Dan-O

Moss Da Beast-Soulmate mixtape submission is a great indicator of the evolution our FME submission mailbox has undergone. While at first most of our submissions were NYU students stringing together their most intricate phrasing and vocabulary we now have the full spread; sophisticated political rappers or knuckleheads threatening to bust down enemies. Moss Da Beast is my favorite so far because he’s the kind of rapper I grew up on. Thoughtful while never sacrificing his ferocity.

Mac Reid does an incredible job producing the thick, syrupy collab between Moss and ST 2 Lettaz (who lays a devastating opening 16 on Numbers Game). Mac also looped the Michael McDonald sample into my favorite song on Soulmate, Takin It To The Streets and yes that song features Truey Lewis(tell me that name doesn’t make you smile?). A lot of producers step up chief amongst them Yella Tha OG, who knows how to make you feel a baseline without beating you with it, and BandPlay whose best work might be the opening roar of a track Alive. I haven’t even talked about BlockBeattaz contribution to the title track. It’s BlockBeattaz so I really shouldn’t have too. They are great.

Moss creates an immense presence for himself on his tracks. On the last track (Relentless) the chorus has him stomping around causing earthquakes with his movements like Godzilla. His goal is simply what his name states, Moss wants to beast and by doing so make his music bigger and bigger. Throughout the sixteen track experience the moment where he betrays what we know about him never comes. Whether he’s laughing at doubters on Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha or connecting to the stars on the breezy soulful Never Forget You it all feels like it fits. This is what’s special about hip hop; over the course of a project you can gain a certain level of trust and affection for someone. Its not that Soulmate changed my life, I’m just excited to get dope ass music sent my way. If I had a hat on I’d tip it.

stream or download Soulmate below:


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