Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie

Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie

by Dan-O

Everybody has one of those cheesy action movies they just love. For a buddy of mine it’s Hudson Hawk. For me it’s The Last Boy Scout with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis. This year Frenchie’s Fukk Fame is the mixtape equivalent. It’s soaked in autotune, a brisk ten tracks without a single meditative reflection song. A lot of trap and drill music this year has made 2 mistakes: a) making the music so serious its not fun b) packaging hardcore material alongside really silly insulting love songs. Frenchie has been around long enough to avoid both mistakes.

If Fukk Fame is a satisfying action movie track 4 Birds and Keys is the car chase pinnacle. DJ Pain 1 adds adrenaline and razor sharp samples to the bridge of any beat he constructs (but this one especially) and a Trae Tha Truth guest verse is solid gold in 2014. Frenchie has a line that says “My daddy made me with vodka and cocaine,” and follows it with neighborhood toughs shooting the casket at a funeral to make sure someone they killed is really dead.

Frenchie makes several attempts at singing that are so bad they are awesome. It helps that none of the hooks feel like some drunken audible at the line of scrimmage. When you hear him have a go at the chorus for Fun he’s really trying to nail it. The mixtape begins with So Long as our narrator croons in warbly robot voice that makes very serious content seem campy. Lyrics on Fukk Fame seem to be half and half serious and silly (whether conscious or unconsciously). In the aforementioned track So Long he says “Told the psychic I wish I could get my friends back, she said they close to you.” While the thought of the deceased staying close to us is poignant, it’s a bit silly to lay such an emotional moment at the hand of a lady in a fake gypsy outfit who has a big goofy hand with an eyeball in the center on her window. If one line from this mixtape represents what I like about Frenchie and Fukk Fame it comes as the first rapped line on  Oh No; a Sonny Digital produced banger. Frenchie starts “I bet you can’t do it like me….” And pauses as if he’s going to follow up with the customary $500 jeans and private boat brags then goes left “…but why would you wanna do it like me? I would never want to do it like you!” It’s a brash line and its 100% true. Frenchie didn’t find success off someone else’s blueprint so why would you try it that way?

The mix of frustration, death, partying, and sillyness comes across as a more authentic mix even at its ham fisted height (see track 9: Move On) than anyone in the BSM universe has presented this year. Frenchie is able to find freshness in his sound where others go through the motions because he’s a passionate dude and connects with his music. The beats are fresh but they aren’t from anyone you wouldn’t expect: 808 Mafia, Fatboi, Tino. The difference is he’s all the way plugged in and that energy raises everyone’s bar.

Stream or Download Fukk Fame below:


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