Song Review-730 by Young Thug

Song Review-730 by Young Thug

by Dan-O

Young Thug’s takeover of the weirdo trap rap game in 2014 hip hop often times feels like a victory for gibberish and funny noises. It’s a bit surreal to read reviews of Riff Raff that criticize him for being silly and nonsensical when Young Thug is making hits with lyrics like “Everything that comes out your mouth is a fairy, no tooth. I fought them blackberries when I pull up and serve you.”

This song comes off a mixtape collaboration called Rich Gang: The Tour part 1 its Thug and Rich Homie Quan doing the work and Birdman lurking behind the scenes as an organization figure and dropping in for forgettable verses. The mixtape is a prelude to a national stadium tour later on in the year. Young Thug has amazing cadences that are as experimental as Slim Shady LP era Eminem but his verses are a word scrabble.

It’s fine to wave the flag for Southern Rap as being as good as or better than anything out there but let’s hold artists accountable. Don’t pretend he’s doing something I just don’t “get.” What is your favorite Young Thug verse? What does that verse mean? This is a gifted melody creator, vocal stuntman addicted to crafting voices that go terrifyingly wrong or fantastically right but he’s not saying anything (this isn’t a jokes v. dramatic content debate). It’s a good mixtape and a great track but just because it feels epic…doesn’t mean it is.


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