Mixtape Review-Humble Hustle 3 by Young Moe


Mixtape Review-Humble Hustle 3 by Young Moe

by Dan-O

When I tell people that I adore Young Moe’s music they look at me cross-eyed. This is fully attributable to the fact that most people don’t know his music and he has a stupid name. The first time I was told of Moe’s awesomeness I certainly had my doubts based on the name. In order to comprehend the connection his Humble Hustle mixtape series has with its listeners you need to dive in.

The strained vocals birth imagery that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the lyrical spectrum of rap. You can hear it on the pulsing All I Got Is Me when he’s kissing his mothers tears away and losing his money in a crap game. He can make a drug deal a personal journey of fear and terror. You can feel the rain coming down on him as he’s selling on the corner and you know he feels for the people sleeping in urine infested hallways

Nothing about the interlocking tragedies of jealousy articulated on Tino 2 is conscious rap. Moe is just as happy to jump on a song with Fat Trel and churn out mid tempo head nod rider music (see Souljah). The clearest verse illustration of what Moe does different than anyone comes at the very beginning of Freedom “We been living in apartments, lighting candles in the darkness. Coming from the bottom be the hardest, when you trying to get a dream out of the garbage.” These first two lines are so poignantly striking they show a level of emotional investment and premeditated poeticism in his lyrics that most MC’s just fast forward through. He talks about looking after peoples kids after they get locked up, hugging their mother to make her feel like he’s still around. Who else would even want to discuss that side of the life? Young Moe isn’t just rapping about selling drugs he’s rapping about selling drugs in a coat not warm enough for the weather, missing his kid during a long stretch on the corner. He turned drug dealing rap away from Scarface (the movie) and pointed it towards The Wire.

Most of the production is handled by Tone P, BassHedz, and Sergio Cortez. The wheel is not reinvented by anyone and nor should it be. The beat needs to knock but beyond that, pressure is on Moe to deliver the storylines and character development for each song. Its interesting that Kevin Gates appears (alongside Fat Trel) on On Our Own because he’s done such good work on lyrical discussions of women and betrayal adding expressive intensity to everything he touches. On Our Own has Gates doing much the same burning down the verse with words that all feel true to his heart, like a coaches impassioned half time speech. When Moe’s verse starts he’s Gary Cooper in High Noon; all his friends are gone at the sight of trouble and he’s noticeably distraught but resigned to the fact that making it work is the only option. He talks about putting it all in the mic and he damn sure does. That’s why once you’re a fan your all the way in with no other way to be.

Stream or Dowload Humble Hustle 3 below:


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