Song review-Flexington by Project Pat produced by Lil Awree

Song review-Flexington by Project Pat produced by Lil Awree

by Dan-O

For any lovers of the Three Six Mafia sound, all of Project Pats solo mixtapes and albums are mandatory. This gem comes off of his newest mixtape Cheez N Dope 3. He is definitely the model Gucci Mane follows: horrifyingly descriptive lyrics sometimes bombastic or deeply depressed, a flow that makes everything an exciting sing a long, and just enough of a hint of humor to make the whole thing look in on itself. Do you think Pat doesn’t think of Flexington as a funny song? This beat couldn’t be the hardest beat to brag on that he had to choose from. Instead of grabbing the in style dark drill beat he called Lil Awree for this deeply soulful all cooing sample, bass and piano instrumental.

The jarring effect of selling drugs to something this soulful and saying a term as silly as flexington over and over grabs your attention and staples this song to your playlist. Pat has a career full of songs like this that you just can’t turn away from and have a hard time defending the social value of. His value isn’t in social consciousness or Killer Mike style voice of the community, giving words to live your life by. He’s an innovator and I can prove it by pulling up articles where lots of artists, who are direct descendants, get called innovators for doing a sharp impression of what Pat has always done.


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