Mixtape Review-Doobie Brothaz by Jackie Chain & ST 2 Lettaz

Mixtape Review-Doobie Brothaz by Jackie Chain & ST 2 Lettaz

by Dan-O

In music criticism consistency is actually a distinct negative. This is why Kanye West is so critic proof. He’s wildly inconsistent, swinging from one end of the genre to the other every album. It gives anyone forced to write about music a built in story, an easy 1500 words. If an artist is getting consistently better at a personal style with distinct parameters to it…the reviews get tougher to write and the critics get resentful. What makes this truly farcical is this process is in direct opposition to the goals of a music consumer. As a fan I much prefer an artist consistently getting better over time, it’s why I love hearing G-side get better every project. It’s why ST 2 Lettaz solo album blew my mind and I howled about how underrated it was. I am much much more fan than I ever will be critic.

That opening paragraph was supposed to be a reference for why the Doobie Brothaz mixtape is so damn dope and so under the radar. It’s a twelve track joyride with all but two tracks (2 Joints and 2Nite) produced by Block Beattaz but this is not the reinvention of the wheel. For the most part this is not the most experimental Block Beattaz have been or the most depth ST 2 Lettaz has had lyrically (see solo album: The G…The Growth & Development) instead the project reeks of reckless fun(which in its own way is progress). I blame this on Jackie Chain. On its satisfyingly hyped peak, the song To The Max, Jackie says “God blessed me with big nuts so I’m gon’ hit the scene and let em hang” and he doesn’t sound like he’s joking. He doesn’t have Riff Raff this-is-a-bit-I-do style, he’s spitting the craziest brags he can think of over a beat that would make a normal person want to punch someone (it’s the drums!). He talks about tip toing home after a one night stand; he has an incredible blood bank metaphor that comes out of nowhere. Chain is a commodity and he keeps things loose fun and moving fast.

On 2 Joints Chain is talking about taking 20 shots of jagermeister and not being able to find his car while ST is detailing a DUI that ends in probation. 2 Lettaz is considerate with every turn of phrase (listen to the first verse of Jimi) not just of what he is saying and how he is saying it but what it means and what he stands for. Chain always feels like the opposite, like he’s ready to drop the most insane image into mix of the song. The chemistry is reminiscent of Bun-B and Pimp C, the wild man and the rock solid technician and Block Beattaz is always there to create the endless abyss of sound you can just fall into(see Crave U). I’ve been listening to this so much and I can’t see an end in sight, Stoner Girls Rock has such a magnificently sung chorus by Crystal Carr and ST 2 Lettaz. Mic Strange is great on Geeked Up and the best part is I knew the minute I saw that this mixtape was available it would be good (I didn’t know it would be this good, I would be down for 3 sequels to this tape) because that whole Huntsville G-Side clique is all about consistency.

stream or download Doobie Brothaz below:



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