Song of The Year-Daddy by Rich Homie Quan

Song of The Year-Daddy by Rich Homie Quan

by Dan-O

The newest mixtape from the Rich Gang graduate is called If You Ever Think I Will Stop Goin’ In Ask RR and while it has no concern for cohesion or quality control it succeeds at what it wants to do. The important thing for Rich Homie Quan is to show his own talent since so much of the focus in Rich Gang was on Young Thug.

Daddy is prime evidence that Quan can do things Thugga and many others can’t. It’s the twentieth track (this mixtape is far far too long and if you load it into your mp3 player and delete the boring songs that trail off into nothing you can tighten it into a rock solid 12 track journey) produced by KE On The Track who manages to create a beat that demands the open hearted confession Quan gives, while infusing trunk destruction level bass.

What Quan is able to do is throw his voice all over the song, singing melodically all throughout while making every word important. He’s not just doing cool weirdo Atlanta rap, he’s really telling you about a situation that would ruin most of us to the core. While his voice is pleasant to listen to the pain is also absolutely wrenching. He has as much emotion in his voice as Mystikal did about the death of his sister on Unpredictable (different emotions obviously, Quan is trying to hold it together. Mystikal sounded like he was letting the tears go while loading clips).

I don’t care what you think of Southern Rap. You can’t understand what they are saying because they slur…listen harder. This song is important and if you don’t open yourself up to understanding it and what Quan is capable of giving the game, you are the one who is way behind.

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