Mixtape Review-The Rest Comes Later by Snow Tha Product

Mixtape Review-The Rest Comes Later by Snow Tha Product

by Dan-O

2015 is full of projects I could review and many of them are more coherent and cohesive than The Rest Comes Later. The reason I can’t stop writing about Snow Tha Product is the depth of talent on display when she raps. Snow can flow fast but not the way you’re thinking. She’s not Twista, rapping at a spellbinding speed naturally. Listening to Snow destroy a song like she does on Bet That I Will is less like listening to Bone Thugs and more like watching Jason Stratham in Crank. She frantically wrestles with her place in the game next to model rappers Iggy and Nicki all the while rapping faster and faster with more anger and instability in her temperament. At the two minute mark of the two minutes and fifteen seconds she shouts “I don’t give a Motherf#$% if I ever go platinum!” On some of these songs you feel the sweat on her brow from the physical exertion and the psychological strain of floating in raps middle ground; not unimportant but not big enough yet. This is not something that I have pulled out from between the lines, check out two direct examples from Got Me This Far “Everyday I hear sh#$ about how I gotta change how I gotta adapt to the game, I know I’m stubborn, stuck in my ways, I call shots and that is not gonna change,” “Every man in my career said my attitude is bad cause I’m skeptical I question everything anything you f#$%*& ask. Why would anyone get mad? If I was man I’d be a boss…” What she’s experiencing is gender baggage at critical mass. When women are naturally prickly (and Snow is, I follow her on Twitter and Facebook) it gets called something different and awful. A female Kobe Bryant scares the poo out of society and that’s kind of her point. She’s the last one out of the gym and firing off song after song turned the F up. Lots of rappers turn up for their lead single and slide into Roger Troutman inspired slick laid back pimp strut for the rest but Snow keeps gunning. No Hoe goes hard and savage as does Whose It Is. It’s like that from song one (AyAyAy) where she talks about being mad at her mom (for chewing her out for being too hung over to go to church) and launches into a blistering Spanish language verse that is supposed to be her mom’s angry tirade to her.

The production is definitely Ratchet but only because that’s the best production for this kind of pace. Happy Perez, DJ Pumba, AK, and Luke White do fine work behind the boards but my favorite beat is Suavemente by Jomeezius The Genius. It manages the same 100 yard dash momentum while really digging in on that lush salsa sound we don’t hear incorporated enough into hip hop.

Part of the reason I love Snow’s music is that it comes in three dimensions. She is a shockingly attractive woman who gets very venomous when sex is discussed. She resents the rampant sexualization needed to break as a femcee, and just wants to rap. When she does and mentions things like barfing into a bucket before mom makes her go to church you either think “been there man” or “what a weird thing to talk about.” She’s not carefully crafting a persona, has little interest in sequencing the music to lead you into an emotional conclusion. The Rest Comes Later is anti-conceptual. It shouts screams, babbles and then stops and your left with eyes wide open pressing play again.

Stream or Download The Rest Comes Later below:



One response to “Mixtape Review-The Rest Comes Later by Snow Tha Product”

  1. Snow is the most underrated rapper! She kills men and women.

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