Song Review-Careful by Locksmith produced by Mike Blankenship, The Kid Rated R and Locksmith

Song Review-Careful by Locksmith produced by Mike Blankenship, The Kid Rated R and Locksmith

by Dan-O

New Locksmith is always something to look forward to. Not only can he brutalize a beat but Lock is a born confessor. When the recording light comes on he’s admitting things you wouldn’t. His new album Lofty Goals teases and stretches out that confessional core into a full-fledged exploration of the practical dimensions of success. Careful doesn’t even bother with a chorus it’s just admission after admission regarding the complex nature of attaining what you wanted; “I’ve been dealing with this my whole life, other people’s opinions I used to hold tight. I had to ask myself would you rather be broke and have friends or get money with those you don’t like.” Later on in the song he talks about touring with bigger name rappers and sitting in the back, hoody up, headphones in and hearing them cackle, even pretending it’s him they are laughing at. Everything he warns the listener about he’s done; see jealousy “…cause jealousy is just insecurity in disguise the stench of pride is what’s holding you n_’s back,” see pride “I admit that my mistakes got out of hand ’cause I was proud.” “I can say it with faith: never trust a person so stubborn they won’t admit when they make a mistake.” We don’t have to worry about Lock not admitting anything.

Lofty Goals also has the best production in Locks discography so a tip of the hat goes to Mr. Blankenship who is credited as co-producer on at least 8 of the 12 songs. All the beats have propulsion and push to them but still leave space so that Lock can dominate with his words. Also Marc E. Bassy gets a hat tip for some DOPE guest chorus work on Plot Line and American Beauty.

If you don’t like this kind of high stakes emotional exploration stuff that’s fine but the moments he hits you with something like “Even my mother said ‘I pray that you don’t make it big’ I thought she said it as disrespect to me but now I understand that she was just protectin’ me.” It jars you and makes you think, what is the effect of immersion into the artificial industry world on a personality not built for that kind of political interaction? If you have questions this song is a great place to start.


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