#BandcampGold-Bad Moves EP by Cool Tara

#BandcampGold-Bad Moves EP by Cool Tara

by Dan-O

This three song set kicked off a pretty cool discussion of the most necessary/underrated parts of a rock band in my house. That’s not coincidence either. While Cool Tara sometimes fall back into the anyone-can-do-this two minute punk song(new ep is going to be 7 songs 18 minutes according to the band) you can hear all of the elements so clearly and distinctly separate while the song progresses and puts them together.

The song Moriarty was a key turning point in me needing to recommend this. I realized after a while that I was humming Chris Gervais drum pattern from my LEAST favorite song on the EP. That’s how profoundly important a great drummer is. If your vocalist sucks that can be your style and it can work but the drums are a brittle situation. To quote my wife “At its worst your drummer is a metronome and it’s best your drummer is an artist making decisions and leading the song.” This isn’t taking away anything from Matt and Gabe on guitar who slam at all the right points or Kara on bass. It’s just a different sound. Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers change your definition of jazz when you hear them because you’ve never heard the drums start end and own like that before. At their best Cool Tara are really weird. Pig Of A Job is a beautifully indulgent 70’s jam that sounds like it should be seated next to a Chicago song. I want them to make more Chicago songs! Take a listen and then come back to it. See if Egg Sandwiches doesn’t stick to you like a stalker.

stream or download Cool Tara’s-Bad Moves EP (name your price) below:



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