My Favorite and Least Favorite sexual song of 2019

My Favorite and Least Favorite sexual song of 2019

by Dan-O

I love moments. A song is sometimes a story but other times just a series of moments. A vividly rendered song allows you to be in those moments. The interesting part about my favorite and least favorite sexual songs of 2019 is that both bring you into moments. My enjoyment of them comes down to where I like to be pulled into and where I do not.

To start with my least favorite: Boosie Badazz is the best. His songs are personal and confessional and at times …offensive. Every project Boosie drops is a full throttle roller coaster ride. The bumpiest part of that ride is easily his sex songs. Boosie and Kevin Gates are the guys who take sex songs TOO DAMN FAR.

That Fucking Song off his new mixtape Goat Talk is a bunch of steps beyond where Teddy Pendergrass dare trod. It’s not actually a full on song. It’s guttural dirty talk (focusing on updates about how close to climaxing each partner is). The beat burbles and the hook is just him telling you how close to popping he is. We never get past the sweat movement and juices of the act to the people involved. I accept that this is a great thing for listeners who may be sexually attracted to Boosie but not being one of those this song is rough. He presents a window in to a moment I do not want.

The sexual song I loved the most in 2019 comes from a debut album called Painted by an artist named Lucky Daye. His voice is fantastic and the songs really do flow without ever seeming repetitive. Call is the name of the song and it grows out of a gentle guitar strum into a thumping smooth sway. His voice doesn’t just hit the right notes it conveys the giddiness and excitement of being eager to hang out with someone who really syncs with you. Even corny lines like “You been on my mind, on my mind like a toupee,” come off as a genuine part of the story, and the story is sexual it is drinking and finding each other’s bodies but not just that. It’s all mixed in with finding the conversation. Lucky Daye says “new sensations” and that is how the best kind of sex/lust/love has been in my life. A chance to charge into new experiences with someone you trust. It’s just as sappily satisfying as this song.


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