Marvin Gaye made A P.O.W. Christmas song YOU NEED to hear

Marvin Gaye made A P.O.W. Christmas song YOU NEED to hear

by Dan-O

You need to follow Questlove of The Roots on all social media platforms. He ranked every Prince album release (including unreleased stuff to that point), and it is because of him that I found out Marvin Gaye had an unreleased album called You’re The Man recorded after What’s Going On that JUST got released in 2019.

Marvin has always been king of the intoxicating vibe so I totally missed how hardcore I Want To Come Home For Christmas is on the first listen. When he belts out that he wants to see baseball and Santa Claus I registered the desperation in his voice and that the song seemed intense but by the time I did the second listen in the car it was clear how bold this song is.

My favorite song on the album is actually the alternative mix of Where Are We Going. It has never lift the speaker in my mind. The song that has snuck and stuck in my head, had me snapping my fingers singing “Day in, Day out.” while 2 stepping. That is the one I will listen to for the rest of my life regularly BUT…

I Want To Come Home For Christmas is important for how you think of him as an artist. He did not simply have a beautiful voice. He fought for space from singing covers sweetly under Motown to take full control of his career and content. From that point on he was absolutely fearless and you should never forget. Marvin Gaye made a song about a prisoner of war not just missing Christmas in the states but hoping his family wasn’t missing him that much. Wanting them to move on, secretly understanding he’s not making it out.

Ali is remembered for being loud and having a great jab but what he should be known for is being TOUGH. He got hit straight on by the hardest punchers in the history of the sport and walked out of the ring every time. He got up when he got knocked down. Tyson didn’t.  Marvin likewise is known for the voice and the sexual healing but don’t play with his legacy. What’s Going On is the Pet Sounds of R&B except the songs are about a lot more than a Sloop John B. Marvin was brilliant and fearless. You can hear how much the hurt in the world hurts him in this song. You need to hear it.

Thank you Questlove.


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