The Greatest Sports Reference of Curren$y’s Career and The Roadmap to Roster Appreciation

The Greatest Sports Reference of Curren$y’s Career and The Roadmap to Roster Appreciation

by Dan-O

It is not that I’d like to hang out with Curren$y….I kind of already do. The combination of how much music he puts out with the strength and clarity of his voice means he’s always in my ear with something interesting.

I was explaining to someone how monumental Big Krit’s K.R.I.T. Wuz Here mixtape was in 2010 when it came out. My sell was so passionate I decided to go back and listen. The song No Wheaties really stood out. Ski Beatz brought a rich flavorful beat to surf on and the featured guests were Smoke Dza and Curren$y. This makes sense, at this time all those guys were bubbling on the mixtape scene seemingly inches away from established chart success.

The whole conception of No Wheaties is that regardless of the lack of industry money behind them or radio play they will succeed and in a very important way that changes the game. See the chorus:

“We too hard to be crushed
Too gone to be stuck
Too fly to be touched
Too much to be us
So we, just let ’em do they thing
‘Cause we something like the A-team
And I ain’t talking about they team
I’m talking Super Bowl-great team
Undefeated all season
Champion shit; no Wheaties

Verse 3 belongs to Curren$y, speaking as casually as Cheech opening  the passenger door for Chong, he drops the best sports reference of his career. The one that truly defines him. His first two bars are

“Yea, John Taylor, just as nice as Jerry Rice
Still dump Gatorade on the coach and rock this ring.”

All too often fans simplify what is great. When talking 49ers dynasty in the 80’s into the 90’s it is Jerry Rice, Joe Montana all day but John Taylor is a three time Superbowl Champion (scored a touchdown in two of the Superbowl games), two time pro bowl, two seasons in top ten in punt return yards. A lot of self-appointed sports people couldn’t pick him out of a line up.

So in this analogy Curren$y is Taylor…what is the point?

The point: Taylor was great whether you know it or not. Jerry Rice knows it. The coaches and opponents knew it. Man never averaged less than thirteen yards per reception and ten is a new set of downs. John Taylor doesn’t need your understanding of his greatness, he lived it. He has the memories as well as the relationships which are even more valuable than the rings! Curren$y will succeed on his own terms, which means you might not register all the wins or you might not see his sales numbers and think they are successful next to ___. Later in the verse he continues “I seen it all from the bleachers, schoolin’ them/Giving lesson plans to the teachers/All from behind the scenes/Pulling strings, out for one thing.” He understands you can’t appreciate what you don’t see but that’s not his problem. He’s independent and in control of his success as an artist.

It is an important thing to think about in measuring artists to their own standard and not against an impossible one. Also, an important thing to think about next time your looking at the trophy presentation ceremony and hugging the star player is someone you never thought much of. It’s unlikely that they accidentally became part of a winning team. Not with this much competition. They earned more than you are giving them credit for. Rethink it.

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