Song of The Year-Hit My Phone by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Kehlani

Song of The Year-Hit My Phone by Megan Thee Stallion featuring Kehlani

by Dan-O

You just can’t beat the kind of collaboration that unites two fabulously interesting artists coming off their best work. In 2019, Kehlani dropped the elegant and well crafted While We Wait while Megan Thee Stallion was everywhere. She dropped her Fever project, dropped some killer features and has started the new year with a fresh set of nine songs called Suga. It continues her tradition of shorter projects with a lot of musical momentum from song to song. She has energy to spare.  Some might be surprised that this big west coast ratchet song laced by Dj Swish/Jake One/Pop Wansel can fit Megan. Don’t be. She is not limited by her Houston roots. On the back end of Suga she has a few songs with The Neptunes that lean more towards R & B. She pulls it off because her motor is connected to a strength of determination that can’t help but venture forward and grow.  In the pop rap rat race my money is on her for the long run because while she might not flame up with a world beating hit right off…she has all the tools for a long and important career.

Kehlani’s voice is one of the best in R&B. She can give you enough different vocal tones in one chorus to leave your eyes wide open. When she stays within herself and her personal missions she is virtually unstoppable. The mixture of once-in-a-generation voice with Megan’s relentless flow over a beat that attacks speakers is a true hit. I hope YG and E-40 jump on the remix and make it a full on W’s up party.


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