FME DECODED-Teller Bank$

So actually…the dude on the album cover that’s my cousin that I’m actually talking about in the song who got sentenced to life when he was 19…we write a lot of letters (me and my Mom) to keep in touch with him a lot. One time he wrote me a letter that stuck out to me because it was talking about stuff you overlook or don’t really think about when your in that situation, when you’re put away for life in prison. He was talking about wanting to take a bath again…

by Dan-O

Since the first time I heard his voice I believed in the skill. This was different. He was digging into himself and placing his pain in a universal context, applying it to the way our society functions. As I wrote down and rewound lines, taking notes, I stared at the man on the cover. Who is that? During this interview Teller is kind and gives props to so many others, he talks about his voice and way of writing. He smiles when we talk about Ed Glorious and the emotional sequencing of the beats. When he explained lyrics I found important on the second song(Exorcise 19) Teller gave the quote above and I felt the weight. It hurts to know that Teller’s cousin won’t be able to take a bath again. It hurts in a way I thank him for. We can’t enact change without feeling the pain this justice system inflicts. We can’t know each other without listening. So listen to Teller Bank$ The Grotesque & Beautiful below:

Once you’ve heard it, take this conversation in and listen again.



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