State of The Game Vol. 33-Flow Study 1998-1999

by Dan-O

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Flow history
● Take a look at three very different very important albums from
● Isolate what makes these flows so unique and how that informs the total
listening experience.

● Aceyalone-A Book of Human Language-released April 1998. Everyone knows
the pop West Coast sound but the underground West Coast sound was
established with two groups: Freestyle Fellowship & Souls of Mischief.
They ushered in a smooth hyper-lyrical confident tone that we still
hear. Aceyalone was the captain of the Fellowship and this is a key solo
album for him.
● N.O.R.E.-Melvin Flynt Da Hustler-released August 1999. If I remember
correctly Noreaga doesn’t like this album. It was a dark time w/
important people dying. Even his gags are a shade darker. He is an all
time flower though even in his darkest moments.

● The High & Mighty-Home Field Advantage-released August 1999 (same day as
Melvin Flynt) this rap duo from Philly released this on Rawkus. It’s
considered one of the best Indie Rap albums which makes sense because
all of underground rap features on it (even Eminem!) something about the
flow and old school delivery is special. It feels like a tough new old.


  1. Breath control
  2. Time/rhythm
  3. Presence
  4. Word to flow synergy or diction or understandability
Gallus Orellio | Tamewater CWRP Wiki | Fandom

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