Messiah Musik’s Best Produced Albums of 2021

by Messiah Musik

It’s Messiah Musik. With the end of the year approaching, Dan O asked me if I’d write about my top 5 best produced hip hop records of 2021. Partially true to assignment, here are 5 of my favorite produced albums from the year. Because what I heard was only the tip of the iceberg and there’s still a lot I need to peep from this year. And with that disclaimer here are a couple projects I wanted to highlight

Topaz Jones – Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma

This was one of my most played albums of the year by far. Features some of the Funkiest production that a lot of times feels so big and nuanced. I want to be able to make beats like these.
“Black Tame” and “Rich” have been on repeat all year. Feels like a classic summer record.

Bruiser brigade records -tv62

Bruiser brigade put out so much fire this year. But man, this release in particular just had too many of my favorite beats not to talk about here. Ask Hex could be my favorite beat of the entire year. But it’s not just that one! The dope is in the building, everything, the ends, just to name a few. Shit, really everything else Raphy touches on this, too…

Armand Hammer – Haram

This one felt obvious from me if you are familiar with my catalog. Not to make this about me 😂 but I have been on every Armand hammer record up until Haram. Color any of us surprised that ELUCID and woods pair perfectly with the goats production. You really get the sense that the Alchemist was contemplating Armand Hammer when crafting these beats which he seems to confirm in interviews about the album. With this one you have to start from the first song and play it all the way through, but in a pinch I’m going “Sir Benni miles” “Roaches Don’t Fly” “Black Sunlight” “Falling Out The Sky” “Chicharrones” “Scaffolds” “Wishing Bad” “Robert Moses” I don’t know man, too many. This was too exciting and still surreal that it came to fruition.

Mach Hommy pray for Haiti and balens cho

Alright so Dan said I couldn’t include anything with my contributions but how can you make a 2021 list and not talk about these? The records were the perfect compliments to one another, sonically. (So Put magnum band and money magnets to the side) you got some of the best beat selections from some of the best beat makers in the game right now. Folie a deux is an all time beat. Same with Kriminel. Wooden Nickels…Come on. Not to mention I’ve been benefitting from HBO and other Mach classics now being on streaming. I gotta use one of my slots for the Mach records this year!

“Youngman and Celestaphone…A Year of Octobers”

The last spot was a tough one and I picked one that I came around to recently. The production on this is rock infused in a really unique way, and I find myself returning to it often. Particularly the last leg of the record “MEDICALLY INDUCED COMA” “NO” “GALACTIC LOVE” and “PEAK BOSS” are amongst some of my favorites of the year. I’m a fan…and I wonder how much Youngmans brother had a hand in the beat selection for this record.


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