State of The Game Vol. 88-AOTY 2021 50-26 w/ GENG PTP

by Dan-O


GENG PTP, Keith Rollins, Daniel Olney


New Business

  • Talk with GENG PTP about the year in PTP: Lungs, Phiik & S!lence, and the art of showcasing young talent.
  • Discuss Dan’s AOTY list picks 50-26. Instead of honorable mentions let’s shout out the inventive albums that set the tone for this year. 

26. NCL-™ x DooF-Swamp Phonk

27. Lukah-Why Look Up, God’s in The Mirror

28. Cities Aviv-The Crashing Sound of How It Goes

29. Nappy Nina, J Words-Double Down

30. AJ Suede-Avada Kedavra

31. Kacey Musgraves-Star-Crossed

32. King Micah The Infamous, MIGHTYHEALTHY-KINGMIGHTY 2

33. Zilla Rocca-Vegas Vic

34. La Luz-S/T

35. Amani-A Constant Condensation

36.Tanya Morgan – Don and Von

37.Moor Mother-Black Encyclopedia of The Air


39. IAMGAWD & Doc Da Mindbenda-Hell’s Angels and Heaven’s Demons

40.ChumZilla & Scorcese(Sons of Andre)-Dungeons of Doom

41.Tyler, The Creator-Call Me If You Get Lost

42. Mick Jenkins-Elephant In The Room

43. Helado Negro-Far In

44.Wally Clark-Banned From All Bars

45.Maxo Kream-Weight of The World

46.Navy Blue-Navy’s Reprise

47.Lil Nas X-Montero

48.DAWN-Second Line

49.Esther Rose-How Many Times

50.Juga-Naut x Giallo Point-Smoke Filled Room


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